Welcome to Marlene’s Place

Professional DOG GROOMING is our business, we pamper your Pooch and get them looking and feeling their best. TRY us now you won't be sorry.

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A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet

Keeping your dog clean and well groomed is important, not just for the look of your beloved friend but also to keep their skin and coat healthy. Bathing is an important part of grooming particularly

Shampoo, Bath, Dry & Tidy

At Marlene's Place, your dog will undergo a thorough shampoo cleaning - sometimes up to 3 washes if your dog has had that little bit of extra fun helping you in the garden…

Clipping & Grooming Hand Scissoring

At Marlene's Place we can clip and groom almost every breed and size of dog. We can clip and groom your dog to the specific breed standards or to your personal preference.

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